Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Glengarry - Market, School zones & other interesting stuff

The Glengarry Community Market & Car Boot Sale is on again this Saturday 24th Sept - another great lot of stallholders including candles, mussel patties, secondhand goods, crads, plants, sausage sizzle and if you are really lucky BBQed Bananas with cream and marshmallows - YUMMY!!!

Following the session with Peter Kenyon on Wed 7 Sept the First Impression group has been busy working on a revised plan for the Yarrow St car park area - if anyone is interested in being part of this great team please get in touch.

One issue that a has been raised in the course of the community discussions is the exclusion of the Glengarry area from the James Hargest school zone. This means high school aged kids cannot go to James Hargest which is only a few blocks away and instead have to travel across town to Aurora for co-ed education. This has also been raised recently in the media as children from other parts of the city - eg Wallacetown - also cannot attend Hargest. I think this is an issue that should be highlighted more because in the case of the Glengarry community, this exclusion only helps to reinforce the false bad image of the area. I am interested in gathering information about Glengarry people's experiences with high school education so please get in touch or call into The Book Stop for a chat.

Finally we have a big list of great ideas for Glengarry on the wall at Ree's Gifts & The Book Stop, come in and check them out, see if there's anything that takes your fancy and get involved :-) And of course while you are there check out the great coffee, the fantastic gifts, Himalayan salt lamps and the finest books in town including competitively priced new NZ books!

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