Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Glengarry - Submissions

Hi Glengarry supporters!

This email includes some very important information so I hope you will all be able to make time to have a look at it and lend your support. It includes:
1. Information about the formation of the Glengarry Community Action Group
2. ICC's Long Term Plan - need for submissions
3. Glengarry Community Art Project update
4. Other good news

Glengarry Community Action Group
This Trust has been formed as a steering group to support the Glengarry initiatives that are being driven by the community. Having a formal group also means we are able to access funding to support projects that will benefit the community and support the principles of community-led development.

The current Trustees are:
Marie (Ree) Richards - co-founder of the Glengarry Community Market, organiser of the Glengarry Weigh Club and also active member of Eastside Baptist Church including the organiser of the Women's Group, Ree is the secretary/treasurer for the Trust; Caroline Holmes - Glengarry resident and driver of the Glengarry Community Art Project based in the space next to the Laundry in the shopping centre;
Chris Lee - Pastor of Eastside Baptist church and organiser of the Lithgow St Community Garden and other initiatives;
Les Diack - retired business mentor and a member of Eastside Baptist church;
and myself - Rebecca (Bec) Amundsen - I share my book & coffee shop with the Invercargill Environment Centre at 67 Glengarry Cres, I started the Glengarry Market with Ree and am the Facilitator of the Trust.

We are aiming to have our next public meeting in May. If you would like further information about the Trust, would like to see our Trust Deed or would like to talk to any of us please contact us on this email or pop over to Eastside Baptist. I am at The Book Stop most Monday and Friday afternoons and am happy to talk then too.

ICC's Long Term Plan - need for submissions

The Invercargill City Council is calling for submissions on its Long Term Plan. You should hopefully have received a document in your letterbox called Growing Invercargill which outlines the main points of the plan.

One of the key projects the council has is Urban Rejuvenation. This project provides funding over the next ten years for projects that target the five areas identified by council - Glengarry, Waikiwi, South Invercargill, Windsor and Bluff. In order to include this in the long term plan the council needs submissions to support it.

The Glengarry community has also been advised to submit to this plan with what we want in the way of developments for the area. As you know since July last year a group has been working on plans for improving the first impression of the Glengarry Shopping Centre and we have been talking to people about it as various meetings and at the community market held on the last Saturday of each month.

We have now put together a comprehensive submission on what improvements we would like to have happen in Glengarry. This will be submitted to council by 1 May on behalf of the Glengarry Community. It includes our big picture vision for Glengarry, our submission, gives some background about the community and explains the consultation we have done. It is approximately 17 pages. I can send this document to you if you wish to see it.

I have pasted below a summary version of this which is only 2 pages. This can be printed out and added to your submission or you can use the points in it to write your own thoughts down.

I would like to encourage everyone to make a submission to the council's Long Term Plan to support the Urban Rejuvenation project and the Glengarry submission.

If you have mislaid the council's Growing Invercargill document this is a link to the Council page where you can download it and also the council's submission form if you wish to use it http://www.icc.govt.nz/PublicDocuments/Consultation/DraftLTP2012.aspx

Alternatively if you would like to come to The Book Stop at 67 Glengarry Cres on Mon 23 April between 1pm and 3pm or 5pm and 6pm I will have copies of the submission form there and will be happy to talk about anything in the Glengarry submission.

We will also have information and forms at the April Community Market on Sat 28th 9.30-12.30. If you would prefer not to make your own submission you can send me letters of support which I can add to our submission.

Glengarry Community Art Project update
The Art Project is thriving! Thanks to a very motivated Caroline and her growing team of artists and friends. Check out the space next to the laundry which is overflowing with art and colour now including the Glengarry forest which is painted and mounted on the wall. This forest is made up of trees made by people at the Community Market last year and looks awesome.

If you are interested in having a go at some art and doing it in the company of others pop down to the space on Wed 1-3pm. The team is working on a range of individual and group projects including some works to go in the windows of the empty shops. And if you have any mosaic skills they would be especially keen to hear from you as they have a couple of mosaic plans in the pipeline.

Kids also can have a go at getting involved on Thursdays 4-6pm, for all ages.

And you might see the odd planter appearing in the shopping centre which the art team are also doing and a BIG thanks to the young girls who have cleaned some of the grubby windows in the shopping centre during the holidays! It really makes a huge difference so thank you very much!

Other good news
Sometimes its hard to know where to start as there is so much happening! But in brief:
1. Welcome Channel X - the video rental shop who is moving into one of the empty shops n the South side of the centre next month!
2. The Lithgow Garden run by Eastside has been overflowing with veges and they have even had enough to sell some at the Community Market - if you are keen to get involved, learn something new or even have some skills to share, get in touch with Chris at Eastside.
3. Weigh Club is growing and now meets at 10,30 every Wednesday at Stadium Southland/Velodrome. If you want to know more contact Ree through Eastside.
4. The next Community market is Sat 28 April - tell all your friends and family and encourage them to come along to share a good time and great atmosphere. There is something different every month - this month we will have hangi, mussel fritters, a sausage sizzle fundraiser for the art Project and all the usual secondhand goods, arts and crafts etc. We are keen to have people busk or perform so if you know anyone let them know.
5. Thanks also to Bill who puts some of the shopping centre bins out each Tuesday because the rubbish truck comes before some of the shops are open. we really appreciate this!
6. And I am not sure if I mentioned this in an ealrier email but Stan Walker filmed part of his latest music video in Glengarry with some Glengarry kids involved. The You Tube link to the video is http://www.youtu.be/m_8f9BwFZ4k

Wow, I thinks that's everything! Thanks everyone who is being proactive in the community - I know there are a bunch of people who are quietly doing things in their communities like picking up rubbish, running neighbourhood support groups, lending a hand to neighbours and sharing the positive vibe about Glengarry and helping create a buzz! If anyone wants to forward any stories on to me that would be great as I would love to add them into my next email.

Please do submit to the Long Term Plan or send any letters of support to this email address. Every little bit helps and shows the council that this request is something the community is passionate about.

As always if you no longer wish to get these emails let me know. Please forward this on to anyone who you think might be interested. And I will be posting this on my blog which is at http://thebookstopinvercargill.blogspot.co.nz/ and on our Facebook page which is at http://www.facebook.com/groups/188113074607799/?bookmark_t=group

Cheers for now.
Becs & the Glengarry Team

This is the summary document referred to above, for more information email glengarryaction@gmail.com

The Big Picture for Glengarry
As a result of the consultation we have been doing with the community the Glengarry Community Action Group has formed to act as a steering group to support community initiatives. This group’s vision for Glengarry has been developed by using community consultation as well as principles of community-led development put forward by the Inspiring Communities document What we are learning about Community-Led Development in Aotearoa New Zealand December 2010.

This vision is:
Glengarry will be a model community – the focus will be on resources, capacities, strengths and aspirations, and it will be full of people who take pride in where they live and work. The pride will be built through working together to create a community atmosphere, for example through care and maintenance of the surroundings and participation in public art and other activities. The people will have a sense of belonging because they live and work in a community that will be resilient, connected, safe, inclusive and where everyone is valued.

In order to build Glengarry into a model community with people who are proud of where they live and work and have a sense of belonging to their community as described in the vision we have identified four key areas for development. We have used the community consultation we have undertaken to identify these areas. These areas are:
1. Thriving shopping centre – tenant all the shops, niche or destinational businesses, tidy buildings and surrounds, inviting and busy, events that bring the community together such as the market.
2. Improved green spaces & more trees – soften the grey and bleak appearance of asphalt, create inviting and welcoming spaces, plant fruit trees for the community’s benefit, provide shelter in areas such as the playground
3. Art for the community done by the community – to add colour and vibrance to the area, to provide art spaces for adults & children, to get the community involved, to make them proud to be part of the community
4. Surroundings that are cared for & well maintained – more rubbish bins, ongoing maintenance of buildings and surrounds, counter broken window theory – where if a place looks uncared for then that is how people will treat it, whereas if it looks well cared for then that is how people will treat it.
These areas of development refer to the whole of Glengarry not just the shopping centre area. Ultimately we would like to see these things in places such as the schools, alleyways, streets, residents’ homes, vacant properties, sports facilities, carparking areas, playgrounds and so on.

Our Submission
Urban rejuvenation – we support this as a key project for the Invercargill City Council especially if it is based on the principals of community-led development. We support the $100,000 or more per annum budget for this project.

Glengarry – Following a workshop in September with Peter Kenyon a group of residents and stakeholders formed to work on the first impression of Glengarry especially the Yarrow St Car park. This group included Phil Orr, Chris Lee, Les Diack, Bill Collins, Tonya Virtue, Peter Shand and Caroline Holmes. They were able to get the help of Landscape Architect Nigel Cowburn and 3d Visualisation consultant Richard Inns.

Based on the work they have done we would like to make the following submission to the Invercargill City Council’s Long Term Plan and we seek the support of the council to undertake the following developments:
1. Improve the green belt around the perimeter of the Yarrow St car park
Goal - To make the Yarrow St car park more visually appealing for everyone including residents, tourists and visitors and create a better first impression of Glengarry. This will encourage better care of the area and more use of the area. We also want to increase usage of the car park.
2. Planting fruit trees
Goal - To get the community involved, to create a vibrant area and provide an opportunity to give back to the community.
3. Create spaces for art work and artistic signage
Goal - To create a visually appealing area that the community helps create.
4. Create a flowing walkway from the bus shelter to the shopping centre and through the alleyway
Goal – To create a walkway that encourages the use of the alleyway between the Shopping centre and Eastern Suburbs Tavern and to provide a natural walkway through the area that is safe.
5. Defining the road from the car park for example using trees or traffic islands and reducing traffic speed in the area
Goal – To create a more pedestrian and vehicle friendly car park that is also safer for users.
6. Allocating more rubbish bins near the pub, laundry, playground, bus shelter and public toilet.
Goal – To make it convenient for the public (including residents and visitors) to look after the Glengarry area by providing rubbish and recycle bins.
7. Improved lighting for the car park area
Goal – To create a safe environment in Glengarry.
8. A change in bylaw by the council to allow fully self contained motor caravaners to stay overnight in the Yarrow St car park & improved signage.
Goal – To provide an inviting place for campers who frequent the Glengarry area and provide clear information on what is available in the area.
9. Create a green space to the west of the Habitat’s Bargain Barn
Goal – To create a more visually appealing and user friendly space.
10. Improve ongoing maintenance in the area.
Goal – To ensure that ongoing maintenance is undertaken in Glengarry to help build the area up and give people pride in where they live and work and to give ratepayers value for money.

The Yarrow St car park was identified as the priority for the area as it is currently grey and bleak and it provides the first impression for most visitors to Glengarry as they travel down Yarrow St from the city or from the outskirts of town.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Big Saturday in Glengarry

This weekend is going to be a huge celebration of Glengarry!

The Glengarry Community Market & Car Boot Sale will be celebrating its first birthday! The market has been going for a year and is growing month by month. We are grateful to everyone who has been supporting it. So come along this Sat morning 9.30-12.30 to enjoy the atmosphere and do some shopping and join in the fun.

Also on this Saturday is the Eastside Baptist Church Celebrate Living in Glengarry Gala Day. This starts in the morning and is another way to support the community.

And also the Surrey Park Early Learning Centre has a Gala and open day on Saturday from 11am-2pm with lots of goodies and activities as well as an opportunity to see the new centre.

It would be great if you could spread the word about these fun activities and encourage friends and family to come along too.

Glengarry is a great place to live and work so lets support the community by coming along to these events.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Glengarry Update

The weeks are whizzing by and we are now half way through another month!

We have our first major event happening on Sat 25 Feb - this will be a joint Community Market & Celebrate Glengarry Gala Day an annual event organised by Eastside Baptist Church). This will be on from about 9.30am. It should be a wonderful day of fun activities, stalls and food. Do come along and enjoy Celebrating Glengarry as a great place to live (and work). Please also let your friends and family know about this event and encourage them to come along too. If you have a work place where we could put up a Market poster please let me know and I will arrange to get one to you - also keen forposters to go up at schools, kindys and so forth.

You can also keep informed about things happening in Glengarry through our Facebook page. The link to it is http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/188113074607799/?bookmark_t=group You can add yourself to this group and add your friends and family too.

You will see this email is coming from a new email address that I have setup called glengarryactin@gmail.com

The Glengarry Community Art Project is in full swing for 2012 also. On Wednesdays from 1-3pm Caroline will be at the Art space (next to the laundry) and people are welcome to come along for a look, to work on a project or get involved with whatever projects Caroline is working on. Then from 4-6pm Caroline will be there for kids to come along and do art activities.

We are also working on Mural Projects with Aurora College and the Murihiku Young Parents Learning Centre. Art activities are going to feature in the market each month and you will start to see art poping up all over the centre. The latest was the Hand Up for Glengarry hand print project where peole were invited to give us a hand print in support of the Glengarry projects. These prints are now leaves on a tree in the window of one of the empty shops in the shopping centre. Keep an eye out for more trees!!

We are also putting together the first community newsletter for 2012. It should be printed this week. If anyone can help with delivering them before Sat 25 Feb in the Glengarry area help would be appreciated, even if it was just a few blocks. I can drop them off to you if you give me your address.

We are also working on a large map of Southland for the laundry along with tourist brochures so there is something for the tourists that frequent the shopping centre. And we are looking to get new signage at the front of the centre along with an initiative for the businesses to help promote each other.

As always we welcome ideas and suggestions for the area. We are keen to hear from people who have a skill or knowledge that they would like to share with the community. We are also keen to meet with organisations, groups and businesses in the area to talk about how we can work together. Just drop me a line!

Cheers for now - and see you on the 25th!

Monday, January 16, 2012


So a New Year has begun. I thought I shoild start this year's blogging off with a saying -
"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." (Anne Frank).

There are several reasons I started with this saying, one is because like lots of sayings it's quite simple yet quite profound. I also thpguht it appropriate because the Southland Museum and Art Gallery has an exhibition on at the moment called Anne Frank A History for Today - I haven't seen it yet but plan to go for a look before Sunday when it closes.

Of course there is another reason I think this saying is a good one to start the year with - and that's because there are many people in Glengarry who are doing exactly what Anne suggests and the start of a new year seems like a good time to remind people what's happening in Glengarry and how you can get in involved.

So here is a summary of what's happening - the Glengarry Community Market & Car Boot Sale starts again for the year on Sat 28 Jan - new stallholders are always welcome. The Market is developing into a real community asset - it has a fantastic atmosphere, great people and a wide range of stalls including arts, crafts, Jewellery, plants as well as secondhand goods. It's well worth a visit if you haven't already been for a look. The Market also provides an opportunity for groups to fundraise, perform or Busk.

The Church also has a number of exciting initiatives happening including soup n toast every Wed lunchtime. As part of this a representative from Jubilee Budget is there to help people out as required. The church also has a Community garden on Lithgow St where people can learn how to grow veges and reap the rewards of doing this.

Ree Richards is another valuable member of the Glengarry community, she has a real heart for the people and as well as being one of the main organisers of the Market she also runs a Weigh Club for locals. They meet at 10.30am at the Stadium/Velodrome and with thw support of Sport Southland learn about healthy eating and exercise and go walking together.

Another local resident is Caroline Holmes. Thanks to Peter Sh and at the Laundry in Glengarry who has made some space available to her to use, Caroline has developed an art space where people can come and create art works, watch art happening and contribute to beautifying the area through art. I encourage people to check out what's happening in the space next to the laundry and look out for opportunities to get involved.

The Glengarry area is also now home to the Invercargill Environment Centre - previously located in the SIT arcade in town. This new centre has a lot to offer the community in terms of knowledge about environmental issues as well as information about things like gardening, wormfarms and mch more. As they settle into the area they will be looking at other ways to contribute to the area such as painting fish on drains.

Of course Glengarry has a number of well established businesses who continue to make valuable contributions to the area including Habitat's Restore which brings lots of people to the area and the Eastern suburbs Tavern which provides great lunch time meals as well as supporting things like the Community BBQ held last year. We look forward to working with both these organisations in 2012.

And finally - at least I think finally - we have a small group of people who have been working with Landscape Architect Nigel Cowburn to redesign the Yarrow St car park of the shopping centre to make it more appealing to locals, tourists and visitors to the area. This has been identified as one of the highest priorities by the community and we hope that the proposed improvements will allow the community to have greater pride in their community!

So there are lots of things happening already and we hope to develop these this year. We would love to get more people involved and more projects started so would encoourahe anyone keen to get involved t contact me through this blog or the Glengarry community Action Facebook page. Here's to another exciting year in Glengarry - isn't it wonderful that no one need wait a single moment to start making the world a better place.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

James Hargest school Zone

Here is a link to an article in The Eye yesterday, drawing attention to the fact that Glengarry is excluded from the JHC school zone.

I am interested on feedback on this issue, many people I have spoken to are very surprised at the exclusion. During our community consultation this issue was identified as our fourth highest priority. It seems clear that this is discrimination and it reinforces the negative stigma that Glengarry has in the wider community.

Last week I was speaking with one of the BCL contractors who is currently working in the Glengarry area. She said to me that she was surprised at how nice the area was and how safe their gear was, she had always thought Glengarry was a bit of a rough area but now doesn't know why people think that, it's a great community.

This is just one example of the stigma that Glengarry has to deal with. It's reinforced by a number of things and the James Hargest School zne exclusion is one of them. If people want to see for themselves what a great community we have they should come along to our Community Market. The last one for the year is on tomorrow, Sat 17th Dec 9.30-12.30 in the Yarrow St car park of the shopping centre or Eastside Baptist if it's wet.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Community feedback

Hi Everyone
We have been gathering feedback from people about the proposed Yarrow St car park and general thoughts about the Glengarry area.

Below is a link to the Glengarry Action Group facebook page http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/188113074607799/ I have posted the concept plans for the car park on here (scroll down to Dec 8 to see them).

The feedback we gathered is from the Market on Sat 3 Dec and the Community BBQ on Sat 10 Dec. Eastern Suburbs Tavern kindly supplied the sausages for the BBQ & ArchDraught the BBQ, bread and sauce etc. Thanks for your support. Thanks also to those who helped with buttering bread and gathering feedback - Peter, Chris and Richard. We had a lovely day for the BBQ and were able to give out sausages to all the people and kids playing in the playground and people wandering by. It was great to see lots of people bring a picnic or fish n chips over to sit with us and to engage with some new people about Glengarry. The feedback from both events is below.

We are keen for more feedback so if you could email me or post on the Facebook page that would be great.

Also we are having a fundraising art activity for kids in the Art Space on Wed 21 and Thurs 22 Dec 10am-11.30am. Kids will have the opportunity to make Christmas decorations with Caroline Holmes. The cost is $10 for both sessions and discounted for second and third children. Please pass this information on. All proceeds will go towards the Glengarry Community Art Project.

And the last Community Market for 2011 will be this Saturday 17 Dec 9,30-12.30. The market is really evolving into a great event. People comment about the great atmosphere, great range of things available to buy and great people. Thanks to those of you have supported the market this year.

Finally we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you all have a great start to 2012. And thank you for all your input this year - it is appreciated and will go a long way to supporting the improvements we have planned for the area.

We will be back in the new year doing more things to raise the profile of Glengarry and to build on the community spirit of the area. We welcome suggestions, thoughts and ideas so please do get in touch. Please also pass this information on to others who may be interested.
Merry Chirstmas!

Here is the feedback we gathered at the Market on Sat 3 Dec about Glengarry:
Market is choice! Keep it going here. I love Glengarry community spirit.
More shops in the area to be opened up.
A better playground for the kids, skateboard park too.
Bring back the old style of shopping - like the books hsop. Find a unique niche.
Community area, kids creative, movement, culture.
Open another supermarket
The Glengarry market is a really good one, friendly people, good spirit, People who organise it have the right sense.
Great. Lovely market, reasonable boot fee, nice friendly vendors.
Congrats for your efforts on what I'd call a lost cause.
Cash in on Glengarry's proximity to the entrace of the city.
Contact landlords & suggest that empty and abandoned shops are unacceptable.
A skate park area fo rthe kids.
Make it more welcoming. Love the tree and lan ideas. Family orientated.
More green spaces to encourage people to sit.
Very nice. Keep going. Good luck.
Have all the shops open and have a community centre.
Outdoor plays, story telling classes for children.
More community activities.
A great improvement!
Food market like the one at SBHS.
The market is really good & I will come again.
Market is a great idea and very well organised.
Have lived here for 48 years, wouldn't change a thing about Glnegarry, Love the area and love the people.
I like coming here every day.
Good luck for the future.
Pot holes in the car park. Good - the poeple, so colourful and beautiful. Market!
Love the plan. Good to see great seating areas, grass and love the colour scheme. Very inviting & looks alive.
Its nice to see this going - market.
Need more of the shops filled. Trees and planting to make the place more colourful. Maybe paint to brighten up the shopping centre and surrounds.
I don't have any ideas but Glnegarry is not as bad as people make out, I would live here.
I like the people and nice community feel of Glengarry.
Peoplpe orientated community. Totally fabulous initiative.
Expand the already growning market days til it becomes HUGE!!
He wahi pai mo te whakatipu tamariki e pai ana te whakatu tenei tu momo mahii he hapai te hapori. (Would appreciate a translation if anyone can help with this).

Some thoughts from the Community BBQ on Sat 10 Dec:
Loved the colour in the car park plan - 2
Want a supremarket back in the area - 17
Like the trees in the car park plan - 3
Would like a coffee shop, bakery, place to buy home baking - 8
Speed bumps - 9
Lighting for the car park
Shade for the playground
Water fountain in the playground
Climbing frame in the playground.
Everything that is on the list of things that could be done.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

First impression plans & Community BBQ

Here is a link to the Glengarry Action group Facebook page where we have just uploaded some concept plans for the Yarrow St car park of the Glengarry Shopping Centre. This will enhance the first impression of the area greatly and help encourage people to come to the shopping centre and make it a more inviting place to visit.
Please add your thoughts and comments.
And don't forget to come along to our Community BBQ on Sat 10th Dec, 11.30-1.30pm in the playground of the shopping centre. Sausages kindly supplied by Eastern Suburbs Tavern, you just need to bring a picnic and your family.
Hope to see you there.